6 Awesome Boredom-Buster STEM Summer Projects

6 Awesome Boredom-Buster STEM Summer Projects

Kids summer vacation means there is time for fun, playing outside in the sun, and growing ready for the next school year. Unfortunately, it often means that mom and dad are scrambling for ways to entertain the kids – especially if they want their kids to be engaged and not simply entertained. 

To help keep boredom at bay and keep kids’ brains engaged, here are six awesome STEM summer projects to do in a day or over a week. Most of the projects are suitable for all, but some below are labeled with “step it up” as it requires a handy parent. 

Grow a Pothos Plant in Water 

Growing a pothos plant is a great way to add some greenery to your home or your child’s bedroom and teach them about the different ways plants grow. All you need is a pothos plant and some glass containers, then you take cuttings from the plant. It’s a simple, fast, and educational activity. See it here.

Step it Up: If you’re looking for a project that will take a whole day to build, this Table Top Hydroponic Display project is perfect. 

Mini Wind Turbine

Teach your children about renewable energy and make a mini wind turbine. You can simply create the turbine itself (like a pinwheel) to teach them about aerodynamics or create a genuine wind turbine that generates electricity to power an LED. A perfect weekend project.

Tornado Tubes

Tornado Tubes is a great activity for kids of any age, as they are simple to do, educational, and you can have different effects when you add glitter and/or dish soap. 

Homemade Gliders

Take an afternoon to make Barbecue Skewer Gliders, get outside, and have a competition to see whose goes the furthest.

Step it Up: if you’re handy, this Red Bull Can RC Plane is a great summer project.  

DIY Solar Water Distiller

This DIY Solar Water Distiller project is a great quick summer project that teaches kids how to distill salt (or dirty) water with just a few bottles and the sun. It’s also a great skill for survival situations. 

Step it Up: Mesmer-Eyes Rainbow Vortex Slider

The ultimate summer project, this Mesmer-eyes Rainbow Vortex Slider is far simpler to make than you might think at first glance, kids will have great fun playing with the different shapes and faces that can be produced, and you can teach them about prisms. Awesome! 

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